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About us

RESIT is a company formed by members and associates of long and proven experience in the energy and environmental sector, in particular in the field of renewable energy and energy conservation.
In this context, the experience gained has allowed to select and develop the most interesting technologies available on the market to offer optimal solutions in terms of operational reliability and performance / price ratio, also using the long experience of the Shareholder “Parenti Impianti Group” specially for plant engineering and maintenance.

1) Solar Photovoltaic

RESIT provides engineering services and provision of systems network connected or “stand alone” (that is, with batteries that can accumulate during the day the energy produced by the sun and return it even at night). Were developed and provided “PV streetlight” for urban / rural lighting and solar power plants for isolated houses, as mountain huts in Trentino or rural houses in South Italy, and more…
Today the interest is particularly targeted for plants network connected, financed through the facilities provided by the “Energy Bill – Rates Incentive”, DM 27 July 2005, updated February 19, 2007 by DM. In practice is encouraged the construction of photovoltaic plants with the granting of incentive rates for a period of 20 years for electricity (kWh) produced by the installations.
In addition, the contract with the electricity supplier (eg ENEL) can be modified for the “sale” to the network or the energy produced “metering” with additional benefits for the plant owner. RESIT designed systems of small size and large plants of 1 MWp, two of which were built in Calabria and one in Lazio, various multi-megawatt plants, from 15 to 24 MWp, in various regions, for a total to date about 150 MWp. These major initiatives are conducted in collaboration with major industrial or financial partners, Italian and European.
RESIT conducted development activities and optimization of Photovoltaic Roof KITS, done in collaboration with Eurosolare, the leading Italian industry in the photovoltaic business, as part of a scientific project development in collaboration with the ROMA 3 University for the systems technical supervision and supported by FILAS, Regional Financial as “Innovation Program”.

RESIT is a partner of the main operators in the sector in Italy:


2) Wind

RESIT provides engineering services and design and production facilities, as well as feasibility studies with wind measurements and wind sites characterization. RESIT has ongoing investigations anemological anemometers from 40 to 60 meters installed in various provinces with centralized data collection and evaluation of data via GSM and the site characteristics with computer codes specific. The subsequent design and plant optimization, together with the definition of a Business Plan, are the first stage of the requests feasibility for authorizations for the construction, and the submission of the project to the banking system.
RESIT based on the long experience acquired by the Shareholders proposed procedures and technologies used today in various regions such as Lazio, Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily. It may be helpful to remember that currently are installed in Italy over 1700 MW of wind farms and studies are underway and proposals to thousands of MW, located mostly in South Italy.

3) Innovation

RESIT has developed a program to develop an electric vehicle for goods and people transport (M1, 8+1), the prototype of which is still being studied. And being evaluated feasibility implementation of some plants “fuel cell” for the combined electricity production and heat, in particular with reference to in hospitals application and industrial companies.
RESIT oversaw the feasibility for energy self-sufficiency of the “Valle dei Mulini” of Amalfi, with the use of solar energy and hydraulic endogenous and the insertion of a small fuel cell for using hydrogen produced in times of surplus energy to produce energy in peak demand, obtaining compensation overall energy requirements of the settlements. The project is essentially a value for the environmental restoration and architectural of the valley, has received international recognition in 2006 by winning the first prize at the European level and the second in the world to “Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction” that promotes innovation in Buildings Sustainable.