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Plants after ‘5th Energy Bill’ – without incentives

Some projects developed and implemented by Resit


Installations feautures:

  • Politecnico of Turin
    PV SYSTEM CONSTRUCTION IN POLYTECHNIC OF TURIN, construction site opened in June 2019 – Work finished in July 2019
    200 kW system connected to the network, for self-production and self-consumption of energy from renewable sources
  • Tarquinia (VT)
    Tarquinia motorway exit
    Works at the photovoltaic system on the canopies of the new Tarquinia motorway barrier, 80 kW network connected system
  • Rome (RM)
    Clinic – location Castelverde
    Photovoltaic system 20 kWp – connected to the network for “self-consumption”
  • Municipality of Rome (RM)
    Kindergarten Isacco Artom
    Photovoltaic system 23 kWp
  • Catanzaro (CZ)
    Prison of Catanzaro – Siano (CZ)
    Photovoltaic system on the 127.20 kWp new roof and replacement of lighting systems with high-efficiency LED
  • Santa Marinella (RM)
    Sports Hall
    15.66 kWp plant – connected to the net for internal consumption
  • Andorno (BI)
    Residential, system with “net metering”
    Plant 3 kWp
  • Drapia (VV)
    Elementary School Brattirò
    Plant 10.5 kW
  • Facciata Via Ostiense (RM)
    Palazzo Argonauti, offices building
    Plant 2.2 kWp – sampling, network connected
  • Pensiline FV Via Ostiense (RM)
    Parking Argonauti Building
    Plant 6 kWp – network connected with “net metering”
  • Cocca (RM)
    Residential, plant with “net metering”
    Plant 6 kWp
  • Lubriano (VT)
    Shelter PV for tool shed
    Plant 20 kWp
  • Nepi (VT)
    Residential, plant with “net metering”
    Plant 6 kWp
  • Magliano in Toscana (GR)
    Residential, earth system with “net metering”
    Plant 6 kWp