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Rural electrification

Photovoltaic system for rural electrification

Description of the system:

– Unlike conventional generators, a PV system produces electricity by transforming solar radiation directly into electricity; there is no ‘then need to supply fuel and combustion pollutant.

-During the day, part of the ‘energy produced feeds the appliances and part is stored in batteries to be used during the night (eg lighting).

The system consists of:

– 6/24 PV panels

– Support structures (ground or roof)

– Storage batteries from 150 Ah C10 sealed

– Inverter / control unit

– 2/4 lighting by 11 W high efficiency

– 1 fridge

– Connection for any other appliances


The dimension of the project allows lighting performance for 6-12 h / g, 24 h for refrigerator, 1-5 h / g for TV and a range of about 3 days in the case of not brightness.

The loads and the characteristics of the system can be changed on demand.

References: In Italy are installed over 5000 systems of the type described, with power varying from 300 to 600 Watt